“Save the world through renewable energy!”

Asukoht: Turkey, Adana

Toimumise aeg: 28.02.2018 – 11.03.2018


In the developed world, energy has vital importance in ensuring the social and economic development of countries, and in the development of development policies. Energy consumption is at the top of the priority components for technological development and social development to be completed. Due to the population increase on the world and the continuing industrial development, the limited energy resources required require the opening of a gap between energy production and consumption, the use of alternative sources and the development of different policies. The only issue with which the European Union is dependent on the outside is the effort to develop as many successful policies as possible in this regard.

We think that the European Union, which can’t produce its own energy fully, is one of the most important conditions for us to use energy resources in the most efficient way and to be in peace with nature in our country. Let’s just leave one end to how important the right use of energy resources is. Our city is an important industrial city but the concept of energy is unknown in Adana and the fact that no project has been done in this region until today has been one of the most important reasons for starting this project.

Our project will be held in Adana between February 28th and March 6th.

Participating countries will be Poland, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Portugal, Italy and Turkey. A total of 36 people will be 29 young participants and 7 leaders.

The targets we have set for our project are:

  • To raise awareness in the European Union and in the region on energy resources and alternative energy sources,
  • To Prepare the ground for the more conscious individuals to be involved in the society in terms of energy resources and usage,
  • Environmental resources and the use of developed policies to examine and develop the policy to be developed,
  • To raise the awareness about the foreign languages and to provide understanding of the importance of knowing a foreign language,
  • To contribute in the individual development of young people with out-of-school activities, by taking advantage of the opportunities of poor education
  • To contribute in the formation of a youth profile that expresses itself more through the active particıpation in the activities planned, through socializing and interacting
  • To contribute in the formation of a youth profile that knows the mechanisms of the European Union and is aware of its dynamics, fulfils the requirements of democracy, respects other citizens,
  • To contrıbute in the formation of a youth profile that is free from prejudices against different cultures, racism whıle it is open to new cultures and information,
  • To contribute to the formation of a youth profile that is aware of the importance of nature and considers this awareness as a part of the life of the art, To encourage participants to think
  • deeply in European issues and to participate in the construction of Europe,
  • To show Turkish culture and hospitality to foreign youth,
  • To avoid social exclusion by defying inequality, discriminative glances
  • To contrıbute in regional development by creating awareness about projects in the neighbourhood,
  • Develop capacity building activities for the Erasmus + program by developing long-term partnerships with the project.

Youth Exchange is funded under the Erasmus+ programme. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€. Reimbursement will be done in cash at the end of the project. Contact with info@uhiskond.ee to receive additional information.

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